A brief history of Helpers of Mary

As our Motto is “LIVE FOR LOVE” at the beginning sisters lived a challenging life trusting in Gods providence.

Live For Love

The Mission center at Jogeshwari is known as “SUVARNA SADAN”. It came into being on 26th January 1971. The mission work of Jogeshwari started in this way by Fr Lazarus Sequeira who was in Amboli parish and was coming daily to Jogeshwari church for the pastoral care of the people. He went and spoke to the foundress of congregation of the Helpers of Mary Mother Anna Huberta and requested her to send Helpers of Mary sisters
to help the parish in different activities, especially visiting the people.

Sisters visited the slum families every day & were moved by the poverty of the people. Gradually Sisters started evening study classes for the children in the slum, and the girls were given moral education. Sisters also started involving in pastoral activities like guiding couples in rectifying the mix marriages, teaching in Sunday school, training the children and youth in choir, training them to prepare meaningful liturgies and assisting for the altar preparation, faith formation classes, animating the S.C.C. groups, and C.C.O groups, tailoring classes, typing Institute, dispensary, women’s groups, center for the women in crisis, youth & children’s groups, credit society, Legal Aid Center, Nursery school, Domestic workers group, Networking with NGOs & G.O’s. All these activities were run by the Sisters of Helpers of Mary of Suvarna Sadan Jogeshwari and are still carrying on for the improvement of slum dwellers and betterment of our parish communities.